What has my heart

This little one will be two-months-old tomorrow! He has brought so much joy into our house. He truly is everybody’s baby. I thought I should share some baby pictures before he goes off to college 😉



















Super kids in the fall

I love watching these kids grow up!  I hope that these pictures show exactly who these siblings are right now.











Get ready to wish you had curls

This newborn baby girl is destined to be as win-you-over-charming as her big brother and sister.  I can see it coming already…I called it :)























Days are long, but the years are short

I’ve had the privilege of seeing this family grow and change over the past four years.  I first met this family when this little guy was born.  I’m reminded how fast time flies–when we look back on it.  Enjoy!

















This smile is contagious

Those that know this family know that this doll-of-a-one-year-old has her daddy’s eyes.  She was so quick to flash that toothy little grin for this shoot.  It made my job a joy–and a piece of cake ;).  I love how close these sisters are already.  Enjoy!