Simple is Sweetness

Some simple sweetness for your Saturday:


All home

Yes, this lovely family is clad in sweaters.  You’re right, there are no leaves on the trees.  You’re right again, I’m still blogging from last fall.  But you’ll see in a second why this super fun family needed to have it’s fair share of time on my blog :)  Enjoy!

Hooray for cousins!









These two have appeared on my blog before :)

Gorgeous x4…inside and out!



It’s time I heed the advice of so many experienced mothers:  ”Enjoy this time while they’re young.  It goes by so fast.”

I fully embrace the roles I have as a Christian, wife, mom, home educator, and photographer.  I really want to give each role 100% of me, but I’ve tried and found that it’s not possible.  I need two of me.  Ok, so I need 5 of me.  What world wants 5 of me?!?!  Yikes!

Anyway, I’ve been praying for months about slowing down Life in the Light some to take a breather, and it is hard!  I DO so love my job.  However, I must keep my priorities straight, and there is no question in my mind that my other roles must come before my business.  I will keep scheduling current clients that are wanting milestone sessions, and I will be shooting some personal projects.  But, I’ve decided to not take any new clients for the time being.

In in the spirit of enjoying kids while they’re young, I’ll share an image I just edited today.  It was taken almost a year ago.  Sadly, I’m a little behind on capturing my muses.  I love this one :)

A Little Detective Work

The day after this joyful family shoot for my dear friend, I got a message from her saying that she couldn’t find her sentimental (and gorgeous) amethyst earring that she had been wearing during the shoot.  Would I look carefully at the pictures to see if she had lost it during the shoot?

Her husband thought they’d be able to find it if they could just figure out the point in the shoot when she had lost it.  Huh?!?  A whole day had passed.  We had been all over the VERY busy Loose Park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon last fall.  Every family photographer in the city was there doing family pictures (only a SLIGHT exaggeration), a handful of wedding parties were getting pictures done, and dog-walkers and Frisbee players were trying to weave through the chaos.  I hated to be pessimistic, but I really doubted they could find it.  Well, I was able to narrow it down to an area about the size of a football field.  Her husband should consider doing detective work on the side…they actually found it!

You get to see a bunch of this beautiful family!  Enjoy!




Love big sis in the background getting her lips ready :)



In the next few shots I got creative with my shooting angles to avoid the massive number of people under these maples.  I love how they turned out!






When I zoomed in on the picture below, I could tell it was the last one I had when my friend was wearing her earring in her right ear.



Here is the first one I had when it was gone.





Great Senior in the Fall

This senior was just an all-around great guy!  I sure hope my boys are as fun, poised and well-spoken as him when they are seniors.  Enjoy!