What has my heart

This little one will be two-months-old tomorrow! He has brought so much joy into our house. He truly is everybody’s baby. I thought I should share some baby pictures before he goes off to college 😉












Get ready to wish you had curls

This newborn baby girl is destined to be as win-you-over-charming as her big brother and sister.  I can see it coming already…I called it 🙂
















Laid back

As you might guess from her multiple wardrobe changes (& I didn’t even post them all), this laid back little angel was very easy to photograph.  I’m not surprised because every other person in her family is laid back, too!  It’s been 3 years since I did her big sister’s newborn pictures, and I’m […]

A bow tie and a cape

This little guy was all dappered up in his bow tie and caped to save the world in his super hero costume!  Oh my, his little face makes me smile.  Congratulations!


I get to call her “niece”

This is my brother’s beautiful, growing family.  Thank you for trusting me to make images of this new, busy time in your lives.  May you look back on these times with joy.