What has my heart

This little one will be two-months-old tomorrow! He has brought so much joy into our house. He truly is everybody’s baby. I thought I should share some baby pictures before he goes off to college 😉













It’s time I heed the advice of so many experienced mothers:  “Enjoy this time while they’re young.  It goes by so fast.”

I fully embrace the roles I have as a Christian, wife, mom, home educator, and photographer.  I really want to give each role 100% of me, but I’ve tried and found […]

Hope your Christmas was Merry

And my you have a 2014 filled to the brim with joy!!

 * Photo by Josh & Jenny Solar

I get to call her “niece”

This is my brother’s beautiful, growing family.  Thank you for trusting me to make images of this new, busy time in your lives.  May you look back on these times with joy.













My Baby is Three

You may say 3 is not a baby.  But I beg to differ.

These were all taken in the Spring, so he’s actually 2 here, but sadly, I haven’t gone through more recent personal pictures yet.   He deserves a tribute, though!

He’s the “class clown” of the family, I do believe […]