Johnson County Photography (7)

Being related to me is kinda like a free pass to becoming a model. ūüėČ That’s a bonus my big brother got after having to endure a childhood with an annoying little sister.¬† I’m not sure if he and his wife would have EVER asked me to take their picture.¬† So, TA-DA!¬† Here was […]

A great gift | Kansas City Family Photographer

Why did you have to wait so long to see this post (from when it was warm–hot, actually)?¬† Because I was worried that my world famous blog with all of its 2 subscribers would ruin the surprise for a woman in Iowa.¬† Ha!¬† Well, anyway, this woman got a very nice Christmas present from […]

Tall buildings & tall grass

Please allow me to introduce to you this lovely couple.¬† I’ve known her for a long time.¬† I haven’t known her REALLY well, but well enough to know that she’s one of those people you’d like to call your¬†friend.¬† One of those people you’d like to share some laughs¬†over a cup of coffee once […]


I really like the color orange, and I like it even more after capturing this mommy-to-be’s maternity pictures!¬† She’s got a fun sense of style which plays right into my love of color.¬† That makes me happy :).¬† After taking some pictures inside their home and in Baby’s nursery, we headed out to Ironwoods […]

I got chills, they’re multiplyin’

I was chilled to the bone, but I was in such a good mood as I drove home from this shoot.¬† Sure, it was Christmas Eve and I was going home to my VERY excited kiddos, but this family put me in the best mood.¬†¬†I couldn’t help but to wonder how fun it would […]