It’s time I heed the advice of so many experienced mothers:  “Enjoy this time while they’re young.  It goes by so fast.”

I fully embrace the roles I have as a Christian, wife, mom, home educator, and photographer.  I really want to give each role 100% of me, but I’ve tried and found […]

Your life is beautiful. Let me show you.

a quiet moment

Last year my personal goal in every bit of life was to simplify.  I won’t even try to list all the benefits that I’m beginning to reap through the process, but one of the most valuable things I’ve learned is the ability to be present.  Present with my God, my family, even seemingly small […]

Fall will be here soon | Kansas City Photographer

I’m hoping this post will speed up the arrival of cooler weather!  Now is the time to start booking fall sessions!  With seniors and families wanting pictures in the fall, I have been busy in the past, so let me know if you’re interested in getting a session scheduled.  Here are my specials through […]

Introducing Metals | Kansas City Boutique Photographer

These adorable metal prints are a lasting and modern way to display your favorite images.  The image is printed directly on a metal sheet with rounded corners and holes drilled at the top to hang on a ribbon, rope or chain!   Sometimes I like to add a cute border or a vintage look to […]

Spring has sprung

I love making pictures, making art.  After 3 years of Life in the Light Photography, I’ve learned that I also love the business aspect.  Every year, I look back at my written business plan to make tweaks and changes so I can mold my business into what I truly want it to be.  […]