Tall buildings & tall grass

Please allow me to introduce to you this lovely couple.  I’ve known her for a long time.  I haven’t known her REALLY well, but well enough to know that she’s one of those people you’d like to call your friend.  One of those people you’d like to share some laughs over a cup of coffee once […]

Give me your answer do…

Oh boy, was this a fun engagement shoot.  The lighting was perfect, the location was gorgeous, and the couple is beyond in LOVE!  We had a blast!  These sweet friends are my little girl’s bible class teachers (thanks, guys!!), and they have a passion for biking–especially biking with eachother.  I was excited that […]

Destination Photographer

I can’t say that it was exotic, but I did travel for this shoot!  Someday you might see me globe-trekking to meet with clients, but for now, a nice road trip to Wichita to shoot my little brother and his lovely fiancee was pretty close to glamorous ;)!  It was VERY cold […]

Gray skies…colorful couple

We were going to do this engagement shoot last month during that unbearable heat wave.  You remember: the >100 degree heat indexes & humidity through the roof.  Since we didn’t want to sweat bullets, we rescheduled for last Monday.  We almost got rained out this time!  Oh, those skies did look daunting!  […]

Just what the Dr. Ordered

I went down to the plaza and Loose Park to shoot this fun couple’s engagement photos.  We had an absolutely PERFECT night, and we took advantage of it!  She told me that they both love Dr. Pepper and that they wanted some fun, silly shots with it.  What a cool idea!  I […]