This smile is contagious

Those that know this family know that this doll-of-a-one-year-old has her daddy’s eyes.  She was so quick to flash that toothy little grin for this shoot.  It made my job a joy–and a piece of cake ;).  I love how close these sisters are already.  Enjoy!






Great Senior in the Fall

This senior was just an all-around great guy!  I sure hope my boys are as fun, poised and well-spoken as him when they are seniors.  Enjoy!


Quirky, Down-to-Earth, & Simple

Quirky, down-to-earth, & simple:  I love those three adjectives used together.

Before each session, my clients fill out an online form that helps me get to know them, and it helps them get an idea about what it will be like to work with me.  Those adjectives just happen to be the 3 words […]

Six going on Sixteen

Independent and intelligent all rolled up in this adorable bundle of six-year-old sweetness!  How is it that girls just seem to know how to pose?  She was full of great ideas 😉  Enjoy this perfectly photogenic 6-year-old!


A Sweet Introduction

I’m reminded of this family every fall when I pick up a giant, juicy Honeycrisp apple at the grocery store.  You see, this client introduced me to the ** Best Apple Variety Ever ** about 3 years ago.  My autumns will never be the same 🙂

I ADORE this Grandpa capture: