Days are long, but the years are short

I’ve had the privilege of seeing this family grow and change over the past four years.  I first met this family when this little guy was born.  I’m reminded how fast time flies–when we look back on it.  Enjoy!









Charming at one

This little guy in his bowtie makes all who know him smile from ear to ear.  I absolutely adore this first one…how he’s up on his toes…oh my.  And the red chucks have held up nicely ;).  I dug up the second picture from my archives of this couple’s engagement shoot back in 2010. […]

How to be cool

The deck was stacked against us.  Eight adults.  A four-year-old.  Three two-year-olds.  A 4-month-old.  A newborn.  Midday harsh sun. 108 degree heat index. What happened?  This!  I should’ve known it would go off without a hitch!  This family is so laid back.  They’re the type of people I’d like to be around all the […]

A cold day, yet warm fall colors

I loved working with this sweet family!  They are friends of mine from church, and they are such great people.  We all headed out to Heritage Park and tried to stay warm on a very chilly day!  Even their little doggy was getting cold, and the youngest boy held him tight to keep […]