Super kids in the fall

I love watching these kids grow up!  I hope that these pictures show exactly who these siblings are right now.











Always Prepared

Climbing trees, jumping off benches, running in circles, picking up turtles, touching dead frogs…  So that’s why this mom of three lively boys is always prepared with bandages, tissues, and wipes in her purse.  Love this family!


Sleepy Beauty & her family | Johnson County Family Photographer

My husband has always called our little girl “Sleepy Beauty” instead of “Sleeping Beauty” when she’s sleepy.  I find that so cute!  Does anyone else say that?  Anyway, this family moved away last year, but was in town for a graduation.  They decided to do family pictures while they were here!  After a long […]

A great gift | Kansas City Family Photographer

Why did you have to wait so long to see this post (from when it was warm–hot, actually)?  Because I was worried that my world famous blog with all of its 2 subscribers would ruin the surprise for a woman in Iowa.  Ha!  Well, anyway, this woman got a very nice Christmas present from […]

Cheeks | Overland Park Baby Photographer

Cheeks.  Baby cheeks.  Look how they pudge out just so when he looks down at that leaf.  These have got to be some of the cutest that I’ve seen.  Sure, the fall colors are gorgeous and the parents are super stylish, but I have to say that I think everything has been upstaged by […]