Life in the Light...Photography by Emily Johnson
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Things you might like to know...

Life in the Light Photography is a custom portrait business serving the Kansas City area that prides itself in creating heirloom quality images and products. Timeless portraits are ones that capture true personalities at certain moments in life. That’s why I enjoy portrait sessions that are fun and relaxed. I may guide you in relaxed poses, but I try to stay away from stuffy & static poses. I love natural light, and I try to use that whenever possible. I do not limit the time, and a typical session may last 1-2 hours. Your session can be in your home or at a location of your choice. When weather permits, outdoor locations are the best!

Within two weeks of your portrait session, I will provide you with a link to your private, online gallery featuring about 30-50 proofs that have been digitally processed and polished. You will be able to view the proofs, forward the images to friends and family, and decide which prints and products to order. The galleries will be hosted for 10 days.

I love to document the following milestones in life, but there may be others, don’t hesitate to ask!

Families & Couples – Sometimes we are so good about getting portraits done of our children that we forget to get the whole family involved! Around the holidays or family reunions are great times to have a family portrait made. Forget an occasion and just get them made! You'll be glad that you did. Outdoor locations are best for small and large families alike. Engagements and anniversaries are great opportunities for couples to show off their love!

Seniors – To document this time in life and have pictures to send family and friends, senior pictures are an important trend. I definitely like to go on location for senior sessions! These sessions could take 2-3 hours as we go to a few different locations and change outfits.

Children – The toddler years are so entertaining! Portrait sessions at this age are all about the child. I like to let the child take the lead, and I capture them being themselves! We go at the child’s pace, stopping if needed for a break or a snack. To make the child feel comfortable, you may want to schedule the session in your home or at an outdoor location that he is familiar with. As with babies, it is best to schedule the session so it doesn’t interfere with nap time or dinner time. Don’t forget to have your child’s portrait made as they get older, too! Older children follow direction better, but tend to be more cooperative and happy doing something interesting. A nature walk outside is fun with older children.

Babies – In the first year, babies grow and change so much that it’s helpful to capture them in images to help you remember this whirlwind time! I like to schedule sessions around milestones rather than ages. Pushing up, sitting up & standing up are great times and usually occur around 4, 7, and 9 months respectively. Of course, you’ll want to take pictures when your baby turns one! Sessions in the first year of life can take 1-2 hours, so when you schedule your session try to find a time when your baby isn’t usually sleepy or cranky… I know, that’s sometimes hard to predict!!

Newborns – There is nothing more pure and innocent than a newborn that is fresh from God. Documenting this milestone is important because it is gone in a flash! Newborn sessions can take 3 or more hours to make sure we keep the baby (and parents!) comfortable. You should schedule your newborn session within 2 weeks of birth to get those sweet sleepy pictures. I will always leave room in my schedule for newborn sessions on short notice. I typically do the sessions in the morning while the dad still has off work because the whole family should be in the pictures!

Maternity – How beautiful is a glowing Mommy-to-be?! This is a wonderful time to capture the love you have for your future child and that cute bulging belly! Husbands and siblings are always encouraged to be a part of the portraits, too. The best time to schedule a maternity session is between 30-35 weeks gestation.

Johnson County, Kansas based portrait & lifestyle photographer serving the greater Kansas City area.

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